Card of the Week: Freeing Your Expression

Card Of The Week: Sunday August 29 – Saturday September 4, 2004, Tarot of Transformation

5 of Wands — Freeing Your Expression

The card depicts an elf seated on a mushroom, with the sun shining behind her and a swirling pool in front of her. A second elf beside her watches as she tosses colored spheres into the air, which appear to be swept up by the wind or a flow of dynamic energy. A third elf sits in the foreground. There are five mushrooms in the scene, and they are the “wands,” described in the text as illustrating the organic movement of expression in their growth patterns.

The sun above and the pool below are two forms expressive energy takes, sometimes directed outward, and sometimes inward. This energy must flow freely. Holding things in and letting them build up will clog and pollute your creativity. To keep expression flowing you need to rise above harsh resistance and criticism and free the movement of creative ideas through journal writing, painting, drawing, singing, cooking, playacting, anything that streams as freely as a river or the wind. Let it out!

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