Card of the week: Inner Seeing

Tarot of Transformation, 6 of Wands — Inner Seeing

A person looks downward, with a light shining in his/her forehead. A small figure stands beside his head, and appears to “listen in” or “look in” on him. Behind the central figure’s head is what appears to be a lotus or mandala. Feathers swirl from something like a Native American headdress, curving downward into his line of vision, and upward over his crown into the sky. Above him is a five-pointed star, and two white birds.

This 6 of Wands is quite different from that of a traditional Tarot. If there’s any kind of victory, it’s that of finally being able to contact one’s true self, one’s inner seeing. According to the book this card indicates a readiness to either receive psychic understanding, or to seek it out, within oneself or from an outside helper, perhaps a Tarot reader. The author indicates that this calls for discernment, since psychic input translates through the filter of its human receiver, and is therefore not 100% accurate. She calls for the need to hold what is received lightly, and be willing to let it go, if it doesn’t resonate with truth for the recipient.

In my readings of a spiritual nature, I come across many inconsistencies and conflicting beliefs, in writings that are supposedly inspired. This study calls for a deep level of discernment, for getting in touch with my true or higher self, so that I can find my own way to truth. I find that I need to hold ideas lightly, accepting them as I read them, on a certain level that allows understanding, but not necessarily taking them fully in as truth. Of course there are those ideas that ring true, which are like the card’s five-pointed star of conscious mind. An “aha” experience. They’re the points that I perhaps knew all along on some level and have now simply returned to and recognized.

Follow-up On Last Week’s Card:
The 10 of Swords turned out to be quite literal. On the last day of the week for which that card was drawn, my laptop computer, which had been giving me problems for some time, finally bit the dust. I had to let it go. This left an opening for a new (used-refurbished) one, which I’ll get sometime today. I had to literally “leave the story” (my novel in progress) for a few days.

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