Day: February 6, 2007

Life’s palette

Souls come in splashes of color, intermingling, from pale spring pastel to chartreuse, opening a gaudy bloom in a hot summer garden, or tossing a pigment-saturated leaf in autumn. One fades, a soft breeze that waved flower tops departs in murmurs of leaves, a whisper lost. Another dies. All the flowers droop, leaves fall as one, surrender to winter’s chill and the death of the sun, as if each only stood upright or hung onLearn More

Sometimes a flood

Grief lays stones in my heart, one for each loss, gemstones all, but it’s harder to pump blood around stones. Sometimes a family of beavers moves in, fells trees, sets up house. Minding their business, they don’t know they stop the flow. The pressure builds, wet, heavy, nudging rocks, until the dam bursts, catching me unaware— catching us all unaware. Sometimes the buildup’s so slow I don’t know I hurt until the dam bursts. SometimesLearn More

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