Happy Fourth of July

“It is difficult for me to understand why there should be this belief in Wall Street that I am a wild-eyed revolutionist. I cannot condone wrong, but I certainly do not intend to do aught save what is beneficial to the man of means who acts squarely and fairly. The big Wall Street financiers of the
type of which I am speaking, the men who are our embittered opponents tonight, own railroads, oil, mines, whatever it may be, and also own news-
papers and magazines, and have owned legislatures, governors, and judges. Now our warfare, fundamentally, is to break up the alliance
between crooked business and crooked politics. We would be the very first to insist that the corporation should have the rights to which it is entitled; it must have its rights. But it is not entitled to a vote and it is not entitled to own any man in public life. The richest man in the world is entitled to every right that the poor man has, but to no more. Now, I will fight for the rights of the richest man in the country just as quick as I will for the rights of the poorest man, provided they are the same rights.” (At Elmira, N. Y., October 14, 1910.) Mem. Ed. XIX, 42; Nat. Ed. XVII, 33 – Theodore Roosevelt

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