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February 26, 2006

Tarot in the Olympics

Tarot appeared in the closing ceremonies, which I didn’t see. According to Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Turin Bids Arrivederci to Winter Olympics

A dizzying array of circus acts, parades and carnival shenanigans followed – clowns on swings and swiveling in large hoops, ballerinas and tumblers, acrobats dangling high above the stage from ribbons and rings, a stilt walker jumping rope, dancers dressed as Tarot cards. One convoy of clowns was equipped with vintage Italian motor scooters and pint-sized Fiat 500s, one of the smallest cars ever mass-produced.

According to people at Aeclectic who saw the closing ceremonies on television, the dancing Tarot cards resembled the Tarocco Piemontese (click on link, scroll down for images). Many older Tarot decks originated in northern Italy and southern France, and the Piemontese in particular is used in and around Turin, so it seems fitting for the Turin Olympics.

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April 13, 2005

Four lions in the Crystal Tarot

Crystal Tarot

Yesterday the Four of Wands came up in a reading with the Crystal Tarot. Later the King of Wands appeared in a separate reading with the same deck. Both cards have lions in their images. This sent me on a search of other lions in this particular deck, and of course I looked next at the Strength card. Finally I noticed there’s a lion’s head in the World card. These lions set me to thinking about the significance of the lion as a symbol. (more…)

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March 20, 2005

Vernal Equinox: Empress

Many people associate the Emperor or 4 of Wands with the Vernal Equinox, because of their connection to Aries. But, to me, no card epitomizes the advent of Spring more than the Empress, in particular the Empress of the Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot. (Image of the card at Tarot.com.)

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September 20, 2004

Card of the week: Restoring Cosmic Order

Tarot of Transformation, 8 Balance — Restoring Cosmic Order

A feminine figure extends her right arm (the side of action, rather than receptivity) into the sky, where it merges into a swirl of light resembling a great wheel. Light dances in sparkles around her, in a wooded glade. Three symbols in the foreground appear to represent gods and/or goddesses and also appear to watch her.

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September 13, 2004

Card of the week: Inner Seeing

Tarot of Transformation, 6 of Wands — Inner Seeing

A person looks downward, with a light shining in his/her forehead. A small figure stands beside his head, and appears to “listen in” or “look in” on him. Behind the central figure’s head is what appears to be a lotus or mandala. Feathers swirl from something like a Native American headdress, curving downward into his line of vision, and upward over his crown into the sky. Above him is a five-pointed star, and two white birds.

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September 7, 2004

Card of the week: Leaving the Story

Tarot of Transformation, 10 of Swords — Leaving the Story

Steep, ruddy canyon walls, showing layer upon layer of sediment, rise above a canyon floor on which is engraved a large, ten-pointed star. Rising out of the star, two birds fly in an upward spiral, while a beam of light shines down from the heavens–not from the sun, which appears to be setting, but from on high. The sky above the setting sun is blue with shades of pastel purple nearing the horizon. The birds appear to enjoy their flight.

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August 29, 2004

Card of the Week: Freeing Your Expression

Card Of The Week: Sunday August 29 – Saturday September 4, 2004, Tarot of Transformation

5 of Wands — Freeing Your Expression

The card depicts an elf seated on a mushroom, with the sun shining behind her and a swirling pool in front of her. A second elf beside her watches as she tosses colored spheres into the air, which appear to be swept up by the wind or a flow of dynamic energy. A third elf sits in the foreground. There are five mushrooms in the scene, and they are the “wands,” described in the text as illustrating the organic movement of expression in their growth patterns.

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August 22, 2004

Card of the week: Ignorance or Innocence?

For the week of Sunday August 22 thru Saturday August 29, Tarot of Transformation, 0 The Fool: Ignorance or Innocence?

The figure in this card wears a costume reminiscent of a harlequin, and a mask. She or he follows a star, but looks over her shoulder at a smaller figure who appears to be demanding attention.

The mask and costume make me think of how often we misjudge a person based on physical appearance, age, dress. How often we assume someone is older or younger than they are, or make assumptions about what a person’s chronological age means about them. In truth each of us has a child, an adult, and an elder inside us.

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August 17, 2004

Tarot of Transformation

Tarot of Transformation. I find these cards particularly healing in their images and messages. It’s almost like having a deck of 78 Major Arcana.

To view images and reviews of Tarot of Transformation, visit Creator Jasmin Cori’s Website, Creator Willow Arlenea’s Website, Aeclectic’s Images and Review(s), or read a Tarot Passages review. You might also like to see More of Willow Arlenea’s artwork.

Tarot of Transformation Tarot of Transformation

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