New moon

I haven’t been paying as much attention to the moon as I usually do. Then today I found myself having a bit of a down day, quiet, introspective, but with a very busy mind. I realized the moon is turning today—rather tomorrow—ending its waning and getting ready to grow in the sky. No wonder I’ve been in my own darker corners, cogitating and gestating ideas but not getting a whole lot done.

Do you track the moon through its phases and the signs of the zodiac? Do you celebrate the new or full moon, or both? How does the moon affect you? Are you aware of your inner tides?

2 comments on “New moon

  1. Turtleheart says:

    I do track the moon’s waxing and waning. I feel a bit lost when its been several nights and I haven’t seen her in the sky, whether b/c of clouds or not up late enough to see her rise. My Tribe is studying Gail Wood’s book Rituals of the Dark Moon, so I am learning about the zodiac influences. I keep track of the dark and full moon, and try to do at least a little something in honor, even if it is just a bit of moon gazing.

  2. Since I have been tracking the moon’s cycles, I do notice that things can flare up during a full moon. Some are stronger than others, though. It’s very subtle though, I can see why I’ve never noticed the shifts before.

    My father used to work in the emergency ward of a hospital and said that accidents would spike during a full moon.