Smuggler of Dreams

The New Moon can’t be trusted.
Rather than float her darker
face as a shadow dotting
the brilliance of the sky,
she hides behind a blue mask.

Still the glassy surface of my
inner pool grows agitated,
my vision blotted and obscured,
as if a storm should darken
the horizon, or a great wave
loom and crest above my head.

Night comes. The Moon winks
as she sets, a slit of light that finally
confesses she has spied on us
all day. She pushes the Sun
over the edge of a cliff and
covers the deed in darkness.
As she slips away, she cracks a lock,
opening a door at the back
of my mind, so all the thoughts
I held contained by day
creep out to animate the night.

Dreams bring disordered, broken
shards, loose images, scattered bits,
some light and clear, some dark and
blurred, some missing altogether.
Night’s altered tale is hard to
grasp. It won’t conform to rules of
logic. Still it seduces me. I linger.
At the Sun’s next rise
I smuggle dreams inside my mind,
secret as the Moon’s dark face,
into the world of light.

New Moon

Copyright © 2007 Barbara W. Klaser

4 comments on “Smuggler of Dreams

  1. Bev Jackson says:

    Wow, this is simply splendid. I didn’t know you were writing and publishing poetry! For heavens’ sake, Woman, give me some info! I need to now check out this whole blog…not enough time in my (now short) life to stay on top of things.

    A beautiful poem!!!

    Thank you.

  2. Barbara says:

    Thanks, Bev! About all the information there is about my poetry, so far, is right here. You can see all that I’ve posted here, by clicking on the Poetry Sketchbook category.

  3. Beautiful poetry. I found you through a comment on “Beyond the Fields…. I can see why you and she enjoy reading each other’s writing!

    I’ve given her site an “E” Excellent Award for blogger. Hope she’ll pick it up – her site is amazing.

    This is the first time I’ve been to your site and I will return – you, too, have an amazing offering to share.


  4. Wonderful stuff, Barbara

    Its hard to write poetry based on the moon, as it has been somewhat overused and often sounds cliched.

    You dodged that mantrap with ease – very nicely done.