World Tarot Day

Today is World Tarot Day, and I blogged about it on my fiction-writing blog, over at Mystery of a Shrinking Violet: World Tarot Day. See you there, I hope.

2 comments on “World Tarot Day

  1. Did I tell you that I am a big fan of Tarot. I got my first and only deck in high school and I still use it, even though it is pretty battered and yellowing. I love reading all your notes here. How did you get your start in following tarot and how often do you use your cards?

  2. Barbara says:

    Violetismycolor — It’s always great to find a fellow Tarot lover!

    I first got interested in Tarot back in the late 80s, when some friends used to keep a Tarot deck on their coffee table and let guests draw a card. I was fascinated and soon got my first deck, the Voyager Tarot. Ever since then my interest has grown, sometimes gradually, sometimes in intense bursts. I now own more than 20 Tarot and Oracle decks, and have had some 20+ years working with the cards. I love it. It’s an interest that never seems to fade for me.

    I read for myself at least once or twice a week, most weeks, though I sometimes take long breaks, and I sometimes read several times in a day. It just depends on what’s going on. For my personal use, I think it provides great insight into my unconscious motivations, my personal journey, my dreams, and my creative work.