Painterly advice that can help with all creative efforts

I’m not usually a painter, though I love the medium, admire great painting, and can’t help dabbling now and then. You wouldn’t think advice for painters would help me that much to nurture my whole creative self. But then I saw this post at

Is Your Style a Mistake? How to Find Your Style as an Artist

In the second part, "How to Find Your Style as an Artist," Jana mentions "A Conversation with Artist Robert Genn" (see the embedded link at the bottom of this post), a BlogTalkRadio conversation between Robert Genn and Artists Helping Artists hosts Leslie Saeta and Dreama Tolle Perry.

Much of what Robert Genn has to say in this interview can apply to any creative work, not just painting. He covers many topics prompted by questions from listeners. About 16-1/2 minutes in, he responds to the question, "How do I find my style?" He talks about making what you do wrong a part of that, how you break the rules, what makes you different. I also love his advice a little further on, for those who say they’re in search of their painting style but seem stuck in painting class, "Go to your room."

I was so impressed by the interview that I subscribed to Robert Genn’s newsletter at The interview is about an hour and ten minutes in length, and worth every second.

Thanks, Jana, for sharing this.

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